Nutrition is the most important aspect to health and wellness. Without a good approach to your nutrition, any fitness program is doomed for failure. AMBTF is committed to your success by creating a well rounded approach to your wellness through nutrition and customized fitness programs. 

AMBTF believes in education as well as inspiring others to be the greatest self they can be.  Creating motivational presentations that are customized to the needs of the client/company is something we specialize in and take great pride in delivering!  We will travel anywhere to help change lives!

Group Classes

Customized Individual Programs


Life isn't always easy, when it throws you a curve ball it is nice to know that there is a way to create balance in your life.  AMBTF offers life coaching to help individuals achieve proper balance in their lives as well as success that they may feel is difficult or even impossible at times.  We will help you find your true north as our team has many life experiences that carry over into so many lives. Full support. 24/7 access to your coach. Success.

Customized individual programs are an essential aspect to personal training.  Every person is different and has different needs.  Therefore the program should be individualized for those specific needs!  Our "fingerprint solution" programs are industry leading and promise to change your life!

Corporate health and wellness programs are becoming some of the most common implementations within corporate America today!  The results driven industry lends itself to happy and healthy employees which leads to better performance and a better workplace!

Public Speaking/Motivational Speaking

Nutrition Consultation 

Corporate Heath and Wellness Programs

Life Coaching

Group classes are the rage in the industry!  Whether you are interested in boot-camp classes, yoga, Pilates, core competition, body HIIT, beach body blast or cardio kickboxing AMBTF has the class for you!